About Us

The folks at McLean have been very professional and patient, listening to our needs and accommodating our preferences and requirements.
— Edward Arreola, Lea County Electric Cooperative, Inc.

McLean Engineering was established in 1936 by E. Price McLean, Sr. Over the years, we helped to create many electric membership cooperatives in Florida and Georgia. Though our practice has spread throughout the southeastern U.S. from Texas to the Florida Keys and up to North Carolina, many of these original co-ops are still our clients more than 70 years later. Current owner and President Michael J. McLean, P.E., represents the third McLean family owner of the firm.

With 75 years of practice as power engineers, we have developed a reputation within our industry for treating clients right and acting with integrity to deliver what is most essential in the electric power industry — safe, reliable, durable design solutions. We have done this by focusing on long-term relationships with our clients and employees, and by always insisting on providing superior power engineering solutions, even when these things are not popular or profitable. While some engineering firms claim to know everything about all types of design and engineering, we have remained focused on providing superior solutions to electric utility systems.

Our focus has earned us an unparalleled reputation as a firm that acts with integrity, does right by its client, and truly knows power engineering.

Some things only time can teach.


 McLean Engineering advertisement in the Florida Co-Op Directory, circa 1967.

McLean Engineering advertisement in the Florida Co-Op Directory, circa 1967.