News Flash: Arc Flash

We have recently been reviewing the 2012 NESC code, particularly the changes in Part 4, section 40, which covers Arc Flash.  The 2012 code has made significant changes for secondary voltage, below 1000 V, and the suggested clothing requirements. As always, the safety of your system, employees, and the public is our top priority, and these changes need to be reviewed.

In light of these changes, we recommend an update of the existing Arc Flash study for your distribution system and the associated fault currents so you can make the appropriate updates to your policies and procedures.

There are also some changes to the code requirements related to transmission level voltages, and we recommend reviewing possible changes concerning secondary and transmission voltages as a part of the Arc Flash Study update.

We have produced many Arc Flash studies over the last several years.  Please let us know if you would like to discuss these changes, would like help with some specific recommendations, or would like an Arc Flash Study Update.