Our Custom Padmount Inspection Creates Greater Efficiency, Fewer Headaches

The importance of regular padmount inspections has been an increasingly popular topic amongst many experts in our industry. From easily corrected problems like missing signage and inadequate protective fencing, to more damaging concerns like malfunctioning equipment, insect infestations and explosions, McLean Engineering offers high-tech and reliable padmount inspection services to help our clients stay on top of the necessary inspections and documentation.

McLean Engineering has been a great partner for our inspection needs. A thorough and detailed systematic approach with affordability and efficiency are criteria for anyone shopping for inspections, but painless integration with existing map data makes an otherwise good partnership a great one.
— Charlie Tucker, Manager of Engineering, Colquitt EMC

We recently developed a custom padmount inspection solution for a valued client, Colquitt EMC, which combines experienced field inspectors and open-source mapping software linked directly to the client’s database. We use easily customizable, open-source GIS software and GPS mapping to make it simple for our clients to know which pieces of equipment have been inspected, their location, status and other essential data. The solution is highly cost effective and easy to maintain. Read more about our services and our client’s reaction in this informative case study.