Robersonville, N.C., Selects McLean Engineering for Pole Attachment Inventory and GIS Mapping

The Town of Robersonville, N.C., has selected McLean Engineering Company to provide GIS mapping and pole attachment support for its Public Works and Utilities Department.

Robersonville selected McLean Engineering to provide an attachment inventory in an effort to update its joint use records, improve relationships with its attachers, and clean up late transfers.

The town also selected McLean Engineering to provide a GIS map for its electric distribution system.  McLean’s service will provide a low-cost and flexible approach to GIS, which allows Robersonville to maintain efficient control of its distribution assets and makes it easy to afford the cost of keeping maps up-to-date – the most essential function of any map.

McLean works with many municipalities, cooperatives and state trade organizations to navigate through joint-use concerns by providing expertise in all areas related to joint-use matters.  McLean also focuses on providing low-cost GIS solutions to allow small utilities to take advantage of the benefits of GIS technology.

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About McLean Engineering
Established in 1936, McLean Engineering is celebrating 80 years of experience in the power engineering field, serving electric utility systems throughout the United States. McLean Engineering has an unparalleled reputation for providing safe, reliable and durable design solutions by focusing on long-term relationships with their clients.

McLean Engineering provides design, engineering, inspection, and energy solutions, and is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of pole attachments, having presented to national audiences on the topic at numerous industry conferences and webinars and consulted for electric utilities across the U.S. on pole attachment issues.

About the Town of Robersonville, N.C.
Incorporated in 1872, the Town of Robersonville is located in the northeastern Coastal Plain Region of North Carolina. This Martin County Town is home to the St. James Place Museum and East Carolina Motor Speedway. The Town of Robersonville offers a full range of utility services including electric, water, and sewer. Recently completed expansion of water and wastewater facilities demonstrate the town’s commitment to a progressive and successful future. For more information, visit