SECO Energy Selects McLean Engineering for Joint Use Audit

SECO Energy, a three-time J.D. Power award winning utility in Central Florida, recently selected McLean Engineering Company to provide an inventory of the Cooperative's joint use attachments.

SECO Energy is due to conduct a field audit of the joint use attachments on its poles.  After a competitive bidding process, SECO selected McLean Engineering to provide this count in an effort to collect information on a GIS basis, along with georeferenced photos, to update and improve its existing records.  

McLean works with many municipalities, cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, and state trade organizations to navigate through joint use concerns by providing expertise in all areas related to joint use and pole attachment matters.

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About McLean Engineering
Established in 1936, McLean Engineering has over 80 years of experience in the power engineering field, serving electric utility systems throughout the United States. McLean Engineering has an unparalleled reputation for providing safe, reliable and durable design solutions by focusing on long-term relationships with their clients.

McLean Engineering provides design, engineering, inspection, and energy solutions, and is a nationally-recognized expert in the area of pole attachments, having presented to national audiences on the topic at numerous industry conferences and webinars and consulted for electric utilities across the U.S. on pole attachment issues. 

About SECO Energy
SECO Energy is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the nation covering an area of approximately 2000 square miles spanning seven counties in Central Florida.  SECO's distribution facilities provide power to nearly 200,000 consumers utilizing approximately 11,541 miles of conductor with 5,670 miles of overhead conductor and 137,828 distribution poles.  SECO Energy is highly focused on adapting new and proven technologies that will allow it to deliver world class service to its members. This focus on customer service has allowed SECO to consistently rank above its peers in consumer appreciation surveys, recently ranked three years in a row by JD Power and Associates as highest in customer satisfaction among all electric cooperatives.

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