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Utility Pole Attachments: Understanding New FCC Regulations and Industry Trends
May 15-16, 2018
Nashville, TN

Please join us! McLean Engineering's Sean Knowles and Chad David will serve as instructors for this Utility Pole Attachments course.

The first year of the Trump Administration brought an increased focus on the world of shared infrastructure. The Federal Communications Commission issued a decision in the closely-watched Verizon v. Dominion pole attachment complaint proceeding, commenced rulemakings intended to further promote broadband deployment, established a Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, and successfully defended revisions to its telecom rate methodology on appeal. Debates continued about Net Neutrality, local control of infrastructure, and rural broadband funding. Elsewhere, wireless small cell legislation in support of 5G deployment was enacted or considered in at least 23 states, and the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has rolled out a new regulatory framework for the pole attachment rental rates charged by its distributors. 2018 promises to be year with significant state and federal developments impacting shared infrastructure.

What does all this mean for electric utilities, communications, and cable companies? These legal developments, policy goals, and emerging industry trends underscore the importance of understanding the rapidly changing regulatory environment so that pole owners and attachers effectively administer their pole attachment agreements in compliance with the law and revise or replace those agreements when necessary or advisable.

Learning Outcomes

  • Review common joint use and pole attachment license agreement provisions and their practical implications
  • Identify how to calculate the FCC maximum allowable rate for pole attachments
  • Examine the rights and obligations of utilities and joint-users/third-party attachers on new and existing joint use poles
  • Analyze NJUNS and the transfer process
  • Discuss how industry trends such as fiber deployment and wireless attachments are impacting pole owners
  • Formulate effective strategies for working with attachers and joint-users to correct past mistakes and issues
  • Examine NESC issues related to pole attachments
  • Review the business case for an effective inspection program