McLean Engineering Partners with Alden Systems to Automate OTMR Workflows

Alden One™, a joint use platform, is ready for OTMR with a McLean-designed workflow

MOULTRIE, Ga. ---- In light of the recent FCC decision on One Touch Make Ready to speed broadband deployment, Alden Systems has teamed up with McLean Engineering to assist joint use professionals with the release of automated OTMR workflows in Alden One™. 

Alden One™ is a centralized joint use management platform for electric utility, broadband, and telecommunications infrastructure.

One Touch Make Ready (OTMR) Workflow
McLean Engineering has designed a One Touch Make Ready workflow for Alden One™ that automates OTMR for joint use owners, attaching companies, contractors, and stakeholders. Alden One™ streamlines OTMR processes, making them fast, efficient, and predictable. The Alden One™ workflow guarantees FCC compliance and meets the standard OTMR timelines. Automated timers are used to ensure due dates are met. 

A list of authorized contractors is included in the Alden One™ platform, ensuring proper construction and worker safety. Attaching companies can choose from the list of approved, trusted contractors provided by asset owners; only owner-authorized contractors who adhere to the agreed-on set of standards can participate in the workflow. 

The workflows for owners and attaching companies automate business processes—from attachment permitting to invoicing and credit card payments. “We believe that developing robust business processes and automating them through a platform such as Alden One™ is the best way for utilities and other pole owners to proactively manage their jointly-used assets.  We are pleased to work with Alden to make this process as efficient as possible,” says Sean Knowles, McLean Engineering, VP for Business Development and Co-Owner.

Contractors’ time in the field is more efficient using Alden One™. Dashboards help all users see the big picture. Alden’s CEO, John Sciarabba, states “Our Alden One platform promotes utilities and other stakeholders working together for everyone’s best interest. By partnering with McLean on this solution, we are proving that we too, are better when we work together. “

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About Alden
Alden Systems is a leader in innovative asset management solutions for utilities. The Alden One™ community consists of 490 companies in 39 states across the US. It currently manages 24 million assets and 7,900 joint use contracts. To date, the system has processed over $950 million in joint use transactions. It is the system of choice for Utah and Connecticut.

About McLean Engineering
Established in 1936, McLean Engineering is a nationally recognized joint use consultancy and engineering firm serving electric utility systems throughout the United States. McLean works with municipal utilities, electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities and state trade organizations to navigate through joint-use concerns by providing expertise in joint use process development, rental rates, permitting, inspection, attacher management and make-ready engineering as well as contract development, negotiation and administration.