Blue Ridge Mountain EMC Selects McLean Engineering for Substation Design


Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation (EMC), based in Young Harris, Ga., recently selected McLean Engineering Company to develop, install and upgrade substation designs at two locations.

In Union County, Ga., near Nottley Dam, McLean Engineering will utilize the existing Nottley substation property to upgrade the 69kV high side of the substation as well as an updated relay package.

In the Hanging Dog Township of Cherokee County, N.C., McLean will utilize an existing site and newly acquired easements to install a new 161/25 kV substation, including a control house and relay package.

McLean’s scope of work will include designing the structures and foundations to adequately support the provided electrical equipment proposed at both sites. McLean will provide Blue Ridge Mountain EMC with a high level design plan, including fabrication and construction drawings and specifications, design files, materials lists, erosion/sedimentation control plans and completed permit applications.

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About McLean Engineering
Established in 1936, McLean Engineering has over 80 years of experience in the power engineering field, serving electric utility systems throughout the United States. Over the years, McLean Engineering has built a reputation for providing safe, reliable and durable design solutions by focusing on long-term relationships with their clients.

McLean Engineering provides design, engineering, and inspection solutions, and is nationally-recognized in the area of pole attachments, having presented to national audiences on the topic and consulted for electric utilities across the U.S. on pole attachment issues, including rental rates, permitting, inspection, attacher management, make-ready engineering as well as contract development, negotiation, and administration. To find out more, please visit our blog at

About Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation
Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation is a member-owned electric cooperative headquartered in Young Harris, Ga., serving over 50,000 customers in Cherokee and Clay Counties in Western North Carolina, and Towns, Union and Fannin Counties in Northeast Georgia. Organized locally in 1938, the cooperative’s current Vision Statement is that Blue Ridge Mountain EMC aspires to be the region’s trusted energy and broadband partner through development of innovative energy and technology solutions and by providing leadership that protects the interests of our Members. To learn more, visit