Use of Company Vehicles

Last Updated: 5/2018

Employees or contractors operating any vehicle (truck, 4-wheeler, UTV, etc.) owned by McLean Engineering are expected to abide by the terms of use defined in this document.

Failure to comply with these terms can be grounds for dismissal or termination of contractual relationship.

Acceptable Use
In general, company vehicles are to be used for company business travel only. (e.g. field work, trips to a project from the office or employee/contractor home, etc).

Unacceptable Use
Vehicles are not to be used for personal use or travel. Any exceptions to this must be expressly arranged through the employee or contractor supervisor.  Implied consent of such use is not acceptable and will be considered a violation of these terms.

Approval Process
The employee’s or contractor’s supervisor must approve assignment of vehicle to a project and/driver(s)

Driving Behavior
All traffic laws should be followed while driving a company vehicle.  Failure to do so may result in revoking the employee or contractor’s use of company vehicles.  Any consequences resulting from failure to obey traffic laws are the responsibility of the driver.

McLean Engineering reserves the right to monitor location, health, and usage of all company vehicles using electronic devices.  Tampering with such devices will be considered a violation of these terms of use.

Idle Periods
During the life of a project, company vehicles will experience down time (e.g., weekends or days when the driver is not working).  During such “idle” times, company vehicles should either:

(1) Be returned to a McLean Engineering office;
(2) Stored securely at or near the project site or;
(3) Transferred to another McLean Engineering contractor or employee. 

The method used to store the vehicle or the transfer of the vehicle to another driver should be approved by the project supervisor.

Maintenance and Repair
Routine maintenance and repairs due to normal wear (e.g., oil changes, tire replacement, brakes, etc.) are expected of all company vehicles.  Scheduling and obtaining these services is a joint effort between the drivers and supervisors.   Drivers will be reimbursed any time and/or expenses involved in obtaining these services. 

All other repairs (including towing) should be discussed with the project supervisor prior to being performed. If that is not possible, communication concerning the event should occur as soon as possible.

Periodic interior and exterior cleaning is an expectation of being assigned a company vehicle and should be performed once every 3-4 weeks.